A Victory For Free Speech…

by Mysterion

…in the A-League. The Daily Telegraph reports: 

A-League players have finally been given the green light to speak out after years of being fined for making innocuous observations to the media.

New guidelines issued to the clubs say players are allowed to criticise decisions and incidents, so long as they do not “impugn” individuals and are not “gratuitous personal comments”.

A good move, I feel. Referees should be under just as much scrutiny as players for their performances. If they make a mistake, they should be called on it. However, something else in the article stood out for me:

It comes after several seasons of coaches and players refusing to offer comment after games for fear of being fined, with many commentators drawing a direct link between the sanitisation of the game and dwindling crowds across the league.

Linking this to the A-League’s dwindling crowds seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

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