Has the Church’s hard line on condoms softened?

by Leveret

Let’s face it, the media was never going to get this one right.  With their usual incompetence and need to condense complicated news into a five word headline, they mischaracterised the Pope’s comments and the Church’s actual stance towards condoms.

Austen Ivereight at America gives a pretty good background here:

The Church is opposed to artificial contraception, not condoms per se. Just as, in Humanae vitae, the Pill may be used for medical purposes (to prevent heavy bleeding, say), if the intention of using a condom is to prevent infection, not pregnancy, then it was not contraceptive in intention. The point is obvious that — not to put too fine a point on it– a condom used between two men can hardly be considered contraceptive in its purpose; and the same would be true if a husband who returns from the mines infected with HIV uses one to stop his wife getting infected.

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