Prime Minister hires A-Team

by The Rhetor

A mysterious Chevrolet panel van has appeared in the grounds of Premier House. Photos obtained at great risk show the van in question parked at the Thorndon residence.  Unobservant individuals would be mistaken if they attributed the van’s presence to the erection of a set of scaffolding at the house; indeed the only reasonable conclusion is that the scaffolding is an elaborate ruse conceived by Colonel ‘Hannibal’ Smith in order to conceal the work of these fugitive mercenaries.

What could be the Prime Ministers reasoning behind employing the U.S. military’s most wanted men? Perhaps this is a result of the recent defence white paper.  A crucial piece of evidence suggests not. There are two requirements to obtaining the A-Team’s services: you have to find them, and be able to afford them. The latter is well beyond the capability of our nation’s finances.

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