Flight Is Right

By Mysterion

Although he probably expressed it the wrong way.

“We’re going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it’s jolly expensive, but for those on benefit there is every incentive,” said Howard Flight.

Using the word ‘breed’ when talking about the lower classes can only come with negative connotations, especially when it has come from a millionaire peer. But, in essentials, Flight is correct. There are incentives for those on benefits to carry on unsustainably, while the middle gets squeezed and squeezed, as Ed West notes in The Telegraph:

It is not eugenics – a movement that was, incidentally, dominated far more by socialists than by conservatives – to lament that the nation’s middle-class are being squeezed out of existence. It’s a fact, and a sad one because many loving, intelligent people are put off from becoming parents and bringing more loving, intelligent people into the world. If the tables were turned I’m sure it would even be called “social cleansing”.

David Cameron has moved to stop the controversy over this by asking people just not to talk about it, presumably because it does not fit in with the new image of the Tories he has tried to create. Indeed, the idea is not new to the Conservative Party, as noted in The Independent. I think Winston Churchill puts it best:

“I am convinced that the multiplication of the feeble-minded… is a terrible danger to the race.”

Despite Cameron’s wishes, it does not appear to be an issue that will be going away any time soon.

One response to “Flight Is Right

  1. Ed West has, as usual summed it all up the best.

    The word ‘breed’ was, I agree, unfortunate. It is too dehumanising and demeaning. Cattle breed, not people. He should have said ‘procreate’

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