On Student Action

by The Rhetor

Protesting is the one thing Europeans really excel at. Italian students voiced their anger at tertiary education cuts recently by denying American tourists the right to stare ignorantly at ancient structures. Unfortunately for the students their government like many can no longer afford to provide for there entitlement based lifestyle. As a student I support efforts towards raising university entry requirements and placing more of the financial burden upon the primary beneficiary of tertiary education: the students. We need to move away from the idea of university of a lifestyle choice before we water down the value of education any further. Greater emphasis must be placed on educating people before they leave secondary school.

Why? Because watering down education stunts us as a society. The emphasis on bums on seats and passing as many students as possible means that most courses offered are of an introductory level, those who would benefit from a greater challenge are suffering as a result. Linking university funding with the output of graduates means that students are passing when they don’t deserve to.

To the students in Italy: yes you have a right to education and research, but you should have earn it first.


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