Farrar excoriates Anderton in somewhat unfair way

by Leveret

According to David Farrar, Jim Anderton doesn’t understand Proportional Representation because last week he wrote this:

But the most critical factor, crucial to victory, is the National-held “marginal seats”, many of which have been traditionally Labour-held seats. Their importance in any election result has been largely ignored. We only need to look to recent state and federal elections in Australia to see how important these seats are in determining the outcome.

Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott spent what seemed like a disproportionate amount of their time in marginal seats. They knew only too well how important those seats were.

Marginal seats are oftetn pivotal to election victory and that’s where New Zealand’s election next year will be won or lost.

Farrar really rips into Anderton for his supposed stupidity. As they say, read the whole thing. 

Far be it from me to defend Jim Anderton. He is a pompous jerk and a thoroughly unlikable fellow. A parasite. He un-principally derives additional Parliamentary benefits from being ‘Leader’ of what is basically a fake political Party.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe that someone who has been in Parliament doesn’t understand the basics of our electoral system – especially given that he agitated for the change to PR for years.

I don’t think Farrar has necessarily read the piece with utmost care because Anderton also wrote:

As far as the “party vote” is concerned, the clear evidence is that where a major party is picking up electorate seats from its opponent, it is also increasing its share of the party vote.

The argument – i.e. that constituencies changing hands is symptomatic of a swing in the national mood. Granted, this was one sentence tucked into the middle of the article. Few people have ever hailed Jim Anderton as a great communicator, however.

2 responses to “Farrar excoriates Anderton in somewhat unfair way

  1. You are too harsh. Jim is really quite likable. I have heard him give several entertaining speeches. As to the rest,your evidence is merely anecdotal. Perhaps you are reading too much into his statement that he could be the Mayor of Christchurch, Party leader ,and MP at the same time. Perhaps you have assumed that being a tax-payer paid public representative carries with it a range of responsibilties, including accountability for your cost to the nation. Why do you leap to these conclusions so easily? You are lucky to live in a country where we have these freedoms.

  2. To the extent, Caledonian, that you are being frank or otherwise I am unsure.

    Hiding behind a psedonym (and the complete defence of truth) I would just like to add that Jim Anderton has left every party he has ever joined, until now. His new party, which was for a time named afer himself, will in all likelihood wind up after his retirement. This will not make a difference, however, because despite receiving all the subsidies of being a separate faction of Parliament his shell-party is actually just the Wigram branch of the Labour Party.

    What else can be expected of the man I suppose. After all, he is the one who pioneered anti-waka jumping laws in the aftermath of Alamein Kupu and then, when the law had expired, jumped from the Alliance waka to the Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party waka (avoiding the internal democracy of the former).

    I suppose I should disclose that when I was left, I was hard left and was a member of the Alliance faction that rebelled against Jimbo, or as we called him, He Who Must Not Be Named.

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