Wikilinks: free press or espionage?

by The Rhetor

With the latest batch of wikileaks I would like to ask the folks out there what they think of the wikileaks phenomenon.  Is it merely an extension of the Fourth Estate or a dangerous threat to governments world-wide?

2 responses to “Wikilinks: free press or espionage?

  1. It’s all pretty ex-post-facto at this stage. Sort of like de-classifying files, except with a shorter turn around time, and far more trivial content. Wait till something juicy comes out about North Korea or Iran and then you might find the argument that they are espionage has a bit more support.

  2. They possibly also constitute treason. Both Australia and the United States are currently in a legally sanctioned war in Afghanistan (and arguably, Korea). By giving aid and comfort to the enemy Assange and his US Army collaborator may well be guilt of it.

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