Re: UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Rules Not Fair For All

by Leveret

But of course Mysterion – what benefit does Man U or Liverpool get out of competition . There really is no difference between the big business of mega corporations and the big business of professional sports.

Here’s a Pulitzer winning explanation from 1979:

These insights are gradually helping us to understand why the very biggest businesses are such unreliable allies in the fight to preserve a free enterprise economy. We’re sure, of course, that Mr. Murphy thinks of himself as a capitalist, and can give as stirring an “economic education” speech as anyone around. We’re sure that it has never even occurred to him that since GM has a bigger cushion than its suppliers, it can grind them down if the economy is locked up in price standards. We’re sure that he and other GM officers have persuaded themselves that the government is waging fiscal and monetary restraint, and sincerely believe that wage-price voluntarism will help it work faster.

For all that, self-interest finds a way to get itself expressed, and the business giants have rather equivocal interests in free enterprise. They always have the option of doing everything left-handed and backwards if that’s what the government wants; indeed, that kind of regulation gives them an advantage over less durable competitors


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