Chinese stealth fighter: a show of strength.

by The Rhetor

The Washington Post reports the first test flight of China’s new J-20 fighter. As reported this coincided with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates’ meeting with Chinese president Hu Jintao. Both men have reason’s to be concerned.

Gates may need to go back to the drawing board and revisit the halt on production of the F-22 to expand the USAF’s fleet of 187 of the air craft. One of the main reasons for curtailing the government’s order was the perceived technological gap between the U.S. and its main rivals China and Russia (though one flight test doth not a development programme make).

Hu is due to step down and this test was as much a sign to China’s politicians as it was to the U.S. Defence Department. China’s military is demonstrating its importance to the oligarchs who control the country’s government.

Clearly America cannot afford to become complacent in regard to its technological edge nor the apparent stability of the Chinese regime.


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