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More University Riots

by The Rhetor

English students have joined their European comrades in denouncing legislation enabling English universities to raise fees up to nine thousand pounds. Clearly David Cameron is far less afraid of spending political capital then his New Zealand Counterpart. The U.K. has been facing an educational crisis for some time, with demand for university places outstripping their availability. It remains to be seen whether confronting students with a more of the true cost of their education will help to bring demand closer to equilibrium.

Upcoming will be a closer look at the problems facing universities world-wide in these trying times.


On Student Action

by The Rhetor

Protesting is the one thing Europeans really excel at. Italian students voiced their anger at tertiary education cuts recently by denying American tourists the right to stare ignorantly at ancient structures. Unfortunately for the students their government like many can no longer afford to provide for there entitlement based lifestyle. As a student I support efforts towards raising university entry requirements and placing more of the financial burden upon the primary beneficiary of tertiary education: the students. We need to move away from the idea of university of a lifestyle choice before we water down the value of education any further. Greater emphasis must be placed on educating people before they leave secondary school.

Why? Because watering down education stunts us as a society. The emphasis on bums on seats and passing as many students as possible means that most courses offered are of an introductory level, those who would benefit from a greater challenge are suffering as a result. Linking university funding with the output of graduates means that students are passing when they don’t deserve to.

To the students in Italy: yes you have a right to education and research, but you should have earn it first.

Time for action in Korea

by The Rhetor

When did the free world become so limp wristed? It seems half a century of prosperity has turned us into a fractional and inactive collective of nations. Every day the UN drifts further into the hands of despots and bigots. How many provocations before we tell the DPRK that enough is enough. So you have political freedom and protection against unjust trials, what about your fellow-man? The fight for freedom didn’t end when your rights were secured!

Perhaps in a world where we look across our fences with suspicion at people we used to call neighbors it is futile expecting the free in our world to act in a unified manner. But unite we must lest we find our selves alone when the wolf knocks on our door.

Prime Minister hires A-Team

by The Rhetor

A mysterious Chevrolet panel van has appeared in the grounds of Premier House. Photos obtained at great risk show the van in question parked at the Thorndon residence.  Unobservant individuals would be mistaken if they attributed the van’s presence to the erection of a set of scaffolding at the house; indeed the only reasonable conclusion is that the scaffolding is an elaborate ruse conceived by Colonel ‘Hannibal’ Smith in order to conceal the work of these fugitive mercenaries.

What could be the Prime Ministers reasoning behind employing the U.S. military’s most wanted men? Perhaps this is a result of the recent defence white paper.  A crucial piece of evidence suggests not. There are two requirements to obtaining the A-Team’s services: you have to find them, and be able to afford them. The latter is well beyond the capability of our nation’s finances.